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Introducing the Visionary Who Drives Our Success. A Note, from Our Owner Mr. Ankush Wakte

In the realm of estate the cornerstone of a thriving consultancy firm rests upon a leader who comprehends the market dynamics possesses an unwavering commitment to excellence and strives to create a better future for both clients and communities. At our consultancy that visionary figure is our owner.

Our owner, a presence in the real estate industry brings forth a wealth of experience and an unyielding passion for innovation. With a dedication to the real estate sector and an unparalleled understanding of Nagpurs property landscape they have set benchmarks for what a top notch real estate consultancy can accomplish.

Their journey within the real estate industry serves as proof of their commitment to revolutionizing how we perceive, purchase and sell properties in Nagpur. Their leadership has played a role in establishing our reputation as a trusted name in estate—recognized for integrity, excellence and exceptional service.


A Message from the Owner

Dear Valued Clients

It is with pride that I lead our consultancy firm. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your trust, in us. Your dreams and aspirations regarding estate serve as our guiding inspiration.
Our company is not just property developers and promoters; we are architects of your dreams. We guide you through your real estate journey, whether you’re searching for a perfect property in Nagpur, investing in the thriving market, or looking for ideal flats. We are committed to your satisfaction, trust, and success, providing the highest level of service, informed insights, and expert guidance. Our top priority is your real estate aspirations, and we are excited to continue on this journey of growth and prosperity. Thank you for choosing us as your real estate partner.

About Us

Le casa Developers and Promoters! We Are Leading Company In Nagpur

The benchmark of quality in the real estate industry is represented by Le Casa Developers and Promoters. This prestigious office has a 15 year track record of success and an unmatched level of combined experience. Le casa Developers and Promoters!, known for our dedication to quality, has continually delivered outstanding residential projects that redefine modern life. We have developed a reputation as the best in the business thanks to our painstaking attention to detail, creative designs, and constant commitment to customer satisfaction. With their incomparable knowledge and ongoing dedication to perfection, Le casa Developers and Promoters continue to set the standard higher when creating luxurious layouts.

We Promise Quality

Every project Le casa Developers and Promoters works on is held to a strict standard of quality assurance. We make sure that every property we offer is constructed to last and to exceed industry standards by using thorough design, precise building procedures, and the use of high-quality materials. Additionally, we understand how critical it is for our clients’ return on investment to be maximized. We build homes that gain in value over time, offering a profitable investment opportunity, by carefully choosing excellent locations and combining cutting-edge architecture.

But what truly distinguishes Le casa Developers and Promoters is our selfless dedication to achieving client satisfaction. Understanding the needs and goals of our clients is a top priority, and we design our projects accordingly. Le casa Developers and Promoters maintains open lines of contact throughout the project lifecycle, offering transparent updates and responding to any concerns.

Process of working

On Site Visitation

The Marketing person showcases the project's layout advancements and provides an overview of future project developments.

Site Estimated Price And Legal Verification

The Marketing person provides an estimated site value and a legal document for the legal process to proceed with.

Site Booking

Once the legal process is completed, the company should receive a 30% advance to block the desired site. we help you with all the legal formalities so that your site booking process goes smoothly.


The legal owners of the property are required to register their documents according to the registration process of the Government of Maharashtra


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Year of experience

We are the only one real estate builders and construction company in Nagpur

Our expertise revolves around residential developments, catering to the diverse needs of our clients.

When it comes to your real estate needs, choose Le Casa Developers and Promoters, and you’ll enjoy excellence at every step of the process.

We Follow Best Practices

Whether it’s designing and constructing premium homes or developing commercial spaces, we prioritize quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Le casa Developers and Promoters is a recognized real estate business with a track record of meeting deadlines and going above and beyond for clients. Le Casa Developers and Promoters is now Nagpur’s top real estate company as a result of this.